About me

Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet with a lot of nuts.


These are my people. The ones who will love me no matter what. They are my greatest treasure and most valued gifts. I wear many hats in this world.

I am an extremely proud LE wife and married to my best friend in the whole world

I am a mom of two insanely sweet boys who for the most part are easy

I am an elite online health and fitness coach, CEO of Team Dream and the BOSS of Nicksfamily Fitness LLC

I am passionate about Jesus and not afraid to share my love.

I am crazy about my girlfriends (some of my besties I met on the internet. Crazy right?)

I am a former competitive gymnast who has fought her way out of the bondage of an eating disorder

I am a #girlboss who wont sleep at times because my BIG dreams scare me that much

I hope you stick around and enjoy my stories. Someday, I hope my kids will enjoy the memories Ill share here in my corner of the internet.