4 score and 7 years ago…Just kidding. I once was a blogger. I had some incredible followers, met some incredible women in this little corner of the internet. The blog community is an interesting world and I sat at the “cool kids” lunch table. After a few years of spilling my embarrassing mommy moments and failed attempts of a fitness journey, I quit. Just closed down my blogspot and lost all those sweet love notes I had written with years of memories for my boys to relive. (moms of boys, who was I kidding? They were never gonna read those) (right? Tell me Im right)

Fast forward to this past week. I was sipping my coffee, overlooking the gorgeous Coronado, California view when a beauty came up to me and said “I was one of your loyal blog followers years and years ago.” I know my BIG eyes probably creeped her out, but I was shocked that I was actually meeting someone who read my stuff. ME? She asked me to start blogging again which for me was just the confirmation I needed.

I am NOT the best writer, but I do love to write. This wont be edited by anyone. I might ramble. I might make you laugh and cry at times. I need an outlet to share about my life. The good, bad + ugly.

So cheers (holds up coffee mug) to new adventures. I hope you stick around.


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  1. I am almost positive with all those books you read that you have a blog. Tell me you do!

  2. Love Love Love this!!!! I admire you so much….we are more alike then I ever realized! Good luck I will be following!?

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