Perfectly Imperfect



Sometimes I think I learn a lot more from my kids than they learn from me?

Long gone are the days where I sit on a self-made pedestal and teach my kids all they need to know to be successful members of society. It’s funny how things shift when your kids grow a little older and start thinking for themselves. My youngest, Conner (age 9), is a sweet boy who loves to battle his brother in singing competitions. This mom wishes her silly children would realize they are equally the best singers in the world (good mom answer right?).

Conner belts out his song with such pride and then asks, “On a scale of 1-10 mom, was that a 10?” I have often repeated to myself the same question I ask when watching American Idol auditions. “Did no one ever tell them the truth?” I redirect him from this question EVERY SINGLE TIME he asks me with a question of my own; “Well, how do you think you did?”

Before I ramble on too much and take this post in down a famous mommywonderland rabbit trail, I’ll get to the point. My boy LOVES to sing. Singing brings him joy, gets him through homework with a smile, and turns shower time into a kick butt concert! Is his voice like choirs of angels singing? I can tell you with confidence it is not. But does that matter? NOPE.  Does he experience joy when he scrings (screaming mixed with singing…get it)? Absolutely!

And this was my lesson:

I started filming him mid homework jam session so one day he’d remember how he spent is post school homework hours but I got so much more out of it than planned. He turned around and caught me filming. What he did next struck me.  With his typical Con-man laugh, he said “It’s ok mom, you can post it if you want.” Embarrassment wasn’t on his radar.  It never crossed his mind what anyone else might think. GOSH, Conner Matthew, can you rub some of that off onto me?

To often this is my approach:

  • My selfies need filters
  • My pics with girlfriends need the right angle
  • My blog needs to be written with kick-a$$ titles and clever words
  • And God forbid anyone find out on Facebook I was having a bad hair day


Friends, I hope we can all learn from Conner. Do what makes you happy, and in Tony Horton’s words. “DO YOUR BEST- FORGET THE REST.” (which has actually become a family motto). Just be you. You are good enough, pretty enough. Perfection does NOT exist guys and gals and even if it did, you wouldn’t have many friends (jealousy is a beast)(Ill save that for another blog entry)

The older I get, the less I care what other people think. Yes youngsters, it will happen to you too. But Conner already has this part figured out. If it makes you happy, do it. If it brings you joy, keep going. If it helps you get through the day’s homework than by all means, ROCK ON!

Today, and for my days to come, I want to live like Conner. I will choose to enjoy life.  Even the things I’m not very good at because they make me happy. Will you take the Conner challenge with me? I have a feeling we will care less what people think, and do more of what brings us true joy!

Thanks for the lesson lil mister.


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